Stain is a ready-to-wear local clothing brand that prides itself in sustainable and eco-conscious fashion. Rooted in their ethos of slow and ethical fashion, every garment and product made by Stain is produced by local artisans in order to achieve that perfect harmony between beauty and quality. This e-commerce website serves as the primary shopping destination for Stain’s diverse customer base, which spans across Southeast Asia and internationally.

  1. Created an elegant website that builds on and further refines the existing Stain branding, to create a more pleasing and authentic online shopping experience.
  2. Developed the website through Shopify and fully utilized all the important e-commerce integrations available on the platform, such as multi-currency conversion, multiple payment gateways, and product recommendation engines.
  3. Reintroduced Stain’s unique ethos and process, which focuses on handmade local artisanship and slow, ethical fashion, through redesigned pages that celebrates the hard work behind the scenes using beautiful photography and videography.