Chigo is the latest F&B product by Kopi Kenangan that celebrates the juiciness of American fried chicken in the form of convenient bite-size chicken snacks that combines delicious international flavors with fragrant and spicy Indonesian sambals. Chigo is designed to bring you the best fried chicken experience, taken to another level with creative and clever menus and flavor combinations — and the best symbol of that fun and exciting approach to food is Chigo’s cute and charming mascot!

  1. Developed a clever and comprehensive brand visual identity and communication style that best represents the fun and playful personality of the brand and product.
  2. Created a cute, charming, and family-friendly chick mascot that becomes Chigo’s iconic symbol in offline and online presences.
  3. Brought the Chigo brand experience to life through simple yet modern packaging and collateral assets, as well as vibrant mural and offline activation concepts.